Veronica Assis, By Alejandro Padilla

24, Mar 2020


MUA y Direccion Creativa: Marlene Jauregui Aguilar @beauty.bymarlennjaa

HAIR Diego Solis @diegogosolis

JEWERLY Eucalipto Accesories @eucalipto.accesories by Karen Monroy @karenmonroyg

PHOTOGRAPHER Alejandro Padilla @alejandro.padilla

At the beginning of the year we had the visit of Verónica Assis to Guadalajara was part of a Test Shoot by Alejandro Padilla in conjunction with eucalyptus accessories and Marlene as a stylist and makeup. The photographs are INCREDIBLE they represent in good way the contrast of the city with the style that overflows Vero, Alejandro padilla is a photographer who is dedicated to creating unique ideas that contrast with his own experiences, improvising in the locations the results are incredible, part of the series was taken in the bar, to talk more about this we talked to the photographer.


Alejandro Padilla is a super talented boy who is currently getting fully into the industry, increasingly known by more people, is the result of work and effort for years


“Recently I have been working as a second assistant with Jesús Villanueva and I have learned a lot about lighting schemes and model management.


In this editorial, i wanted to do something different, she needed new compositions, and Veronica lent a lot to it; I was looking for more than clinging to a concept, to imitate the campaigns that I have seen throughout my life in magazines like VOGUE, ELLE, BAZAAR; starting as main influences of brands such as Prada, Channel and locally Zara and LOB.”


There is a page called where I regularly open their editorials, campaigns and articles to visually immerse myself in everything the world is doing, leaving me impressed by the creativity of photographers such as KIKIXUE, txemayeste, Josh Ollins, Emma Tempest and many more.

When I go to the squares for some reason (I don't usually go to those places) I stand looking at their campaigns, photographs and all kinds of advertising that they have throughout the store. My maximum was observing in Las Vegas A printed 3 meter by 5 meter photograph of an African-American model in a completely white environment and I shuddered to know that I could do that kind of advertising.

Tell us a bit about your Alejandro concept.

Beyond having a concept as a base, what I tried to do was to level up the quality of my photographs thinking from the color, from the composition, from the shot, from the makeup, from the improvisation and to test all that I have been learning throughout the 3 years that I have been a photographer.

How amazing was it to work with Veronica Assis?

Working with Verónica was incredible from the moment of greeting her to the moment of dismissing her; He understood the direction of experimentation well and understood well that all this was done from mere improvisation. He has an incredible talent and has a very particular beauty.

I can say that everyone at the editorial was very helpful; If someone had been absent, it would have been disastrous.

This is a start for the future of Alejandro and the entire creative team that is willing to support this life project.

I dream of making an editorial in space; that's where I can stay in peace.

It was a wonderful collaboration and the results are seen, we hope to continue working with you on future projects.

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