Sylvie Kok, Vida Saludable.

28, May 2020

Model: Sylvie Kok.


Sylvie was recently hired at COVER, she is one of our new new face models ready to work with all the attitude, we asked her to tell us more about her life, she is a dutch model who has lived in medellin since last year, and she she adapted in the best way, these last few months she underwent a change in her lifestyle and we are very proud of her that we asked her to share a bit of her experience.


Just as all of us, I’m familiar with gaining and losing weight. I have always been physically active, some periods more than others. However, I am very fortunate to be able to get in shape easily. But that can also make one lazy….


Since 2018 I live in Colombia and eating culture here is very different from Holland. The Dutch eat a small sandwich for lunch and large dinners at night. I took on Colombian lunches but also continued eating Dutch dinners! I indulged myself so much in Colombia and its food, culture, and language, that I didn’t pay much attention to my body. Naturally, I gained some weight. The kilos didn’t bother me that much, but I was tired all the time for no reason and I didn’t feel like ‘me’ anymore.


So, my 2020 new year’s resolution was to take better care of my mind and body. I signed up at the gym, started yoga, and tried eating healthier. I went to COVER’s casting and with success! When the first polaroids came out, I was very proud to see the beautiful pictures! But still, it didn’t fully feel like I was looking at myself.


In the meantime the coronavirus spread and lockdown started. We all had to take extra care of ourselves to stay sane and happy. I made a plan: walk 8,000 steps a day, cook healthy lunches and light dinners, keep a food diary, and do a weekly workout. How hard to reach those steps in lockdown! But with some creativity there’s always a solution: my building has a lot of stairs… 


When I consistently reach my activity goals, I try to add something new. The steps goal went up to 10,000. I’m going outside almost every day for a run or a bike ride. The food diary moved from paper to an app that also tracks my nutrients. The app triggered my curiosity to learn more about sports and nutrition. I work standing up rather than sitting down. And I try to go to bed earlier (which is the hardest part!). 

Slow & steady, my body is getting in shape again. I’m full of energy, happy, and relaxed during the quarantine. Healthy food and being active makes me a different person, inside and out. Oh, and some days I do nothing. Just as all of us.

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